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Christine Pepper
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Resist Not Success.
Create Space for Desire
By Reggie Odom


Are you living from your heart's desires? If you are, you will know because of the ease, flow and success you are experiencing. Not to mention the joy.

Or are you resisting your desires? If you are resisting them, you will know that too because of the effort, stress and lack of results or fulfillment you are experiencing.

This article provides another look at resistance, awareness and desire. In a previous article titled "Are You Resisting Success" I began the conversation about just that. If you didn't get a chance to read it you can read it here in Ezine Articles.

In that article I identified awareness as the key to moving beyond resistance. It is also the key to living from your true desires which equals success. The simple truth of this lies in a Zen-like principle - resistance can be transformed simply by being aware that it is there.

Resistance blocks the awareness of our desires, of the impulse of life flowing through us. Based in fear and false beliefs, resistance shows up as physical and emotional discomfort that can range from mild to overwhelming. It leads to reactive behaviors that can be either passive or active.

For instance, resistance can lead to withdrawal or busyness, or withdrawal and busyness. Whatever they are, these behaviors have become habit patterns. They are automatic. We kick into them as soon as we are triggered by some thought, emotion or actual event in our outer world.

Between the subconscious fears and false beliefs and their resulting reactive behaviors we can be so distracted from our true desires that we don't even realize they exist. Our experience is that we are the "effect" rather than the "cause" in our lives. We find ourselves engaged in repeating behavior patterns that keep us stuck and sabotage our success.

Most importantly, resistance prevents us from connecting with our desires, the impulse of life seeking expression through us.


However, in the moment we become aware that we are resisting something, we have created space where there was none before. The space is between the trigger and the reactive behavior.

When this space is present the behavior is no longer automatic, no longer a "done deal." We can simply choose - where before there was no choice - not to react to the trigger. By doing this we are more at peace and more ready for successful actions.

In these moments of awareness and with the space they create, the fear and false belief that created the resistance are being transformed. And the habit pattern of the reactive behavior begins to disassemble.


In the space we have created with awareness we can hear the voice of our true desires if we remember to listen for them. It is from our true desires that the energy for successful manifestation of every desire resides and where each next step is revealed. Living from our true desires assures brilliant success with ease and grace.

Step Into Your Greatness...
Live from your true desires!

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