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"I'm a pretty self-sufficient, self-guided person though my answers have often been hidden within excuses and old beliefs, which were frustrating and paralyzing. Reggie helped me see through all the rhetoric and pointed me towards my heart's desire, using a combination of what's written on my own hands and her extraordinary gift of divining the truth. I never would have had the courage to dub myself an "artisan" without Reggie's unique support. Thank you from the bottom of my artsy heart, Reggie."

Christine Pepper
Wong Artisan of Silly Art

Are You Resisting Success?
The Key to Moving Beyond Resistance
By Reggie Odom


Resistance at Work

If you are resisting success it's probably not obvious to you because resistance is an inner process. It's part of a mindset that is rooted in the subconscious.

However, if you are not achieving the thing you say you want, are working too hard at it, or not enjoying the process, resistance is at work. Others signs of resistance include procrastination, ambivalence, overworking, overeating, multitasking, being late, missing appointments and waiting.

The Reason for Resistance

The reason for resistance is the same whether it has to do with stepping into the next level of business, income, relationships or any other aspect of your life. Something within you is in conflict. If it is within you, it will show up in the the outer world and in the quality of your life.

Inner conflict is ultimately between your true desires and false beliefs.

Desires on the one hand are a divinely brilliant aspect of human nature - they come with us. They are the life force within us seeking new expression. They lead us to our purpose and the expression of our innate gifts. And they are filled with the energy of success.

False beliefs on the other hand are simply that, false. They are insidious and tend to remain outside our awareness - as a result they show up as "the way things are."

False Beliefs are the voice of lack and limitation and have the intention of maintaining the status quo. A universal false belief is "I'm not good enough." Or "You have to work hard to make money."

You Can Move Beyond Resistance

You can move beyond resistance and shift into a new mindset and a new way of being.

Becoming aware of resistance is key and the first step in moving beyond it. You might notice any of the signs in the second paragraph above.

Get into the habit of identifying these signs and others as symptoms of resistance. Take a Conscious Breath and lightheartedly say to yourself, "Ah, here is resistance showing up again.

Simple awareness of resistance defuses its power and loosens its hold on you. It also gives you space to stop the self sabotaging action or behavior and choose something different.

Rather than unconsciously reacting from a false belief, you can consciously energize and act on your true desire.

Step into Your Greatness with Awareness

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