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Christine Pepper
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Stay Fit For Life: Take a Daily Trust Walk
By Reggie Odom


Trust is an issue for most of us. We are required to learn lessons of trust in order to move confidently forward in our lives, to step into our greatness, to have the impact we are meant to have and to experience the joy of living that is our birthright.

There are three major elements of the Trust Walk:
1. Trust Yourself
2. Trust the Divine
3. Trust your Intuition


Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Self-trust is the essence of heroism." He is right on many levels - we are trained to mistrust ourselves.

Looking outside ourselves for answers in our lives has become an addiction - billions of dollars are spent yearly by people looking outside for answers that can only be found within.

When we don't listen to our own inner knowing it is because we don't trust ourselves to know.

In order to trust yourself, it is important to remember who you really are. YOU ARE ONE and you are unique. That in itself is amazing.

You are one with every other person on the planet, six billion plus people. That means you are connected to, not separate, from them.

And yet you are unique. You are unique to the degree that each of your fingerprints is an unrepeatable pattern - even one line in your finger print can distinguish you from every other person on the planet.

You each have a two-fold Divine purpose. First, you have a universal purpose which is to wake up to who you are. Second, you have a specific purpose - sometimes called Life Purpose - that is unique to you. It is something that only you can do in the way you do it.

And you have everything within you that you need to fulfill your Divine Purpose.

Remember who you are!


When I write about amazing you I am also writing about the Divine. The whole universe is perfectly orchestrated with you in it. It is in continuous creation by Spirit/God/Energy with Love, Power and Intelligence that are beyond our comprehension.

To open your senses to the beauty and magnificence of the universe around you opens you to trusting the Source of it all. Or simply imagine the millions of functions going on in your body right now that allow you to live - to sit there, breathe, read and understand this article without needing to make any of them happen.

Alcoholics Anonymous, the book by the name of the 12 Step Program, says "...we had to fearlessly face the proposition that either God is everything or else God is nothing. God either Is or Isn't."

How much evidence do we need? I for one know I would do well to place my trust in the Divine.


Your intuition is a 6th sense with which you are born - you've all gotten it. Trusting your intuition encompasses trusting both yourself and the Divine, in both professional and personal affairs.

Intuition is the way the Divine personally communicates with each of us, the source of our inner guidance. It's as simple as that. Your job is to listen and follow.

"Trust your gut and move with your intuitive knowing." It's your greatest and most reliable source of information.


When you trust yourself, the Divine and your intuition you become the authority in your own life.

When you trust yourself, it becomes less significant whether you can trust others. You can trust your gut about the others.

When you trust, fear is no longer an option. When you trust, anything is possible.

Take a trust walk every day and be fabulously fit - for Life.

Step into Your Greatness...Trust yourself,
the Divine and Your Intuition

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