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"I'm a pretty self-sufficient, self-guided person though my answers have often been hidden within excuses and old beliefs, which were frustrating and paralyzing. Reggie helped me see through all the rhetoric and pointed me towards my heart's desire, using a combination of what's written on my own hands and her extraordinary gift of divining the truth. I never would have had the courage to dub myself an "artisan" without Reggie's unique support. Thank you from the bottom of my artsy heart, Reggie."

Christine Pepper
Wong Artisan of Silly Art

A Fearless Note for Big Shots Who Are Tired of Playing Small
By Reggie Odom


Are you a big shot who is playing small? If you are, you recognized yourself as soon as you read the question. There's nothing to figure out - you just know.

And if you are, you are probably tired of it - tired of playing small.

Who Are You and What Do You Want?

A big shot is someone who has a powerful presence, naturally. (S)he has the energy of visibility, affluence and influence. (S)he stands out, no matter how much she tries to hide.

(S)he also wants more than anything to step into the gifts she has been given, to express the energy that is natural to her and to have the impact (s)he is meant to have. (S)he wants to thrive and for her that means showing up in the world authentically and in a big way. It means no more holding back - it means stepping into your greatness.

You have probably expressed your greatness and maybe a lot. You may even be in a position of power, leadership and influence but know that you are playing small. Wherever you are - or are not - right now you will have had signs and experiences of standing out, making a difference and inspiring other people. That is natural for you.

And yet...

Maybe you just didn't "get" it. Or you had other reasons for holding yourself back, for playing a smaller game than you are meant to play. Maybe you've believed that you can't have it all - that you have to choose between success and love, success and self care, success and authenticity, success and spirituality or simply success and your full aliveness.

The truth is that you have to have the second part of each "success and..." equation above such as love, self-care, authenticity, spirituality and ultimately full aliveness to be truly successful.

Whether you fear rejection, failure or success, or believe that you can't have it all fear is at the root of playing small. Fear leads to limiting beliefs and habits, all of which serve to disconnect you from or sabotage your true greatness.

Some Requirements for Stepping into Your Greatness

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." His wise and phenomenal wife Eleanor said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." In addition she said, "Do one thing every day that scares you."

They both recognized the pervasiveness of fear as well as recognizing that most fear is an illusion. Stepping into your greatness requires you 1) to do things that take your breath, 2) to move continually beyond your apparent comfort zone and 3) to honor and be true to yourself and your dreams no matter what.

You may just find that doing things that take your breath is more about excitement and exhilaration than fear. You will likely find that your comfort zone was an illusion, it wasn't really comfortable at all.

And you will find than every time you honor and stay true to YOU and your dreams, no matter what, you feel more alive.

If you are born to be a Big Shot, nothing else can ever do it for you but being that. Some people are and some aren't. Being a Big Shot is not a more elevated Life Purpose than any other. However, to feel fully alive requires that you own who you are, face your fears and step up. The world is waiting for you with you.

Step into Your Greatness - Be the
Big Shot That You Are

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