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Christine Pepper
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Decide in Favor of Your Greatness
By Reggie Odom


What would be different in your life if you made decisions in favor of your greatness?

Deciding in favor of your greatness means being true to yourself and taking the high road in your decisions, whether anyone is looking or not. Being true to yourself and taking the high road become one and the same.

Decisiveness is a quality of greatness - making decisions and staying with them over the long haul. That is, of course, unless it becomes clear that it's time to make a different decision.

Indecisiveness is disempowering. Most of us have had experience with some level of indecisiveness and know what it feels like. We feel small. It distracts us, creates a sense of vagueness and zaps our energy. It doesn't feel good.

Being decisive is empowering. It dissolves distractions, gives us focus and simplifies our lives. It increases our confidence and energizes us. It feels good.

It is common to make decisions backwards - to wait to make a decision until we have all the "hows" tied up in a neat package. What usually happens in this case is that we never make the decision or the decision is made for us by default.

On the other hand, making a decision first ignites the universe to intercede on our behalf by bringing about ideas, people and circumstances to assist us. In other words, the decision brings about the "hows." And with the universe as a working partner, making a decision brings about the greatest of ease.


You might ask, "How will I know it's the right decision?

Trust your gut is the simplest answer! Keep your decision-making focus on what is true for you. Your gut always knows. A decision that is true for you feels right.

Check for signs of the fear factor. If fear is active, refrain from making a decision at that time. The outcome of a decision based on fear doesn't serve your highest good. And it doesn't meet the standards of being true to yourself or taking the high road.

Give thanks ahead of time. If you have a decision to make but don't yet know the right course, take some quiet moments to look at the decision in front of you. Then give thanks ahead of time for the intuition (or sign) of the right course to take and go on about your day, trusting that the answer will come to you. It will come, and sometimes in an unexpected way.

Keep a decision journal. Write down all the decisions before you at this time in your life, personally and professionally. And make a decision to decide. Keep track of the decisions you make and the date.

Savor each decision you make. Notice how good it feels. And be thankful for the will to make the decision you just made.

Practice making decisions at every opportunity. Decisiveness is a habit and a way of being. To develop the habit, practice. Make decisions at every opportunity, however small. Decision-making energy creates more decision-making energy, increases your confidence in making decisions and feels really good.

Make the decision to be decisive. Decisiveness is itself a decision.

Remember to decide in favor of your greatness by being true to you and by taking the high road in making decisions. The view is greater, the air is fresher and the company is really good on the high road.

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