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Christine Pepper
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SAY "YES"...To That Within You Which Insists On Being
By Reggie Odom


What within you continues to insist on being?

I was inspired by an email from a client this morning. It is my experience that she spoke for not only herself but for the masses.

My client said about her epiphany, "The more I try to do something because I think I 'should,' the more I get unfocused, undisciplined and afraid. I don't believe what I know, and I become a hard ass and unloving to myself. I lose energy, I lose what I love, I lose myself. I am an artist."

Her epiphany was like a big wake up that jolted her into reality - not the reality that appears "out there" but the true reality at the core of her being.

When she said "Yes" to that within her which continues to insist on being -- the artist doing her art and offering it to the world -- the next steps became apparent.

The fears around the economy, the voices of those telling her that this is not the time to sell art, that there is something else she "should" be doing fell from her like rain rolls off a slicker. She has shifted her focus to the message her soul has been giving her all along -- do your art and take it to the world.

There Are Three Powerful Messages Here For All of Us:

  1. Fear-based action, often in the form of "shoulds," does not serve you but inhibits you. When you listen to the voice of fear, you are in immediate misalignment with yourself and the universe. Fear-based actions are neither effective nor life-giving.
  2. There is something within each of you that has insisted on being since your birth, if not before. However, we are not taught to listen to or live from that which comes from within us. We are taught the opposite. As a result most people avoid, second guess, doubt, disbelieve and turn away from that voice. The more successful they are at shutting it out, the more dissatisfied or numb and depressed they become.
  3. When you say "yes" to that within you which insists on being, the guidance inherent in that impulse or desire is released as well. The universe in turn opens the way through inspiration, synchronicities, opportunities and all manner of unexpected assistance.

That within you which insists on being is the life force that is uniquely expressed as you. It is your own individualized spiritual identity yearning to express its gifts, ways of being, knowing and purpose in the outer world. This deep desire carries within it the seeds of success and fulfillment and the power and wisdom with which to carry it out.

The wisdom is to say "Yes" to that within you which insists on being, and put your focus and attention there. Believe in yourself, trust the Divine, follow inspired knowing and act in faith.

The outer world -- the appearing reality -- then has no more of an impact on you than it did when the economy was booming. The ways will be shown and the people and opportunities will come to the fore to assist your ways.

Now is the time to listen to and follow that within you which insists on being!

Step Into Your Greatness...
Say "Yes" to that within you which insists on being!

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