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Reggie helped me see that I didn't need to hold myself in the limitations that I imagined were there... I started saying, "Why not me? Why not now?"

When I started coaching with Reggie I wanted to operate on a larger level with my work and wasn't sure how to go about that by myself. Reggie helped me see that I didn't need to hold myself in the limitations that I imagined were there. Through the hand analysis she validated ideas I've always had of being larger in my work and my life.

Reggie steadfastly held a vision with and for me of me having a larger influence and scope, being out in the world and doing the work that I want to do. I started saying, "Why not me? Why not now?"

Since coaching with Reggie, I've moved into new arenas in my work. I am in a larger and more empowered role within my own life and profession. New aspects of who I am and what I am doing with my work have been created and are manifesting and crystalizing in very specific ways.

Reggie is incredibly poised, insightful and intuitive. She will get right in there with you and at the same time hold a beautiful space around you so that you are able to be held and to move into your greatest capacity.

Janet Kessinich
Intuitive Energy Healer

"My Life Purpose Reading with Reggie was incredibly powerful on so many levels. She confirmed a purpose I had spent my whole life "wishing" were true and the power in that validation was liberating. Now, I can step into that purpose strong and clear and free of ego limitations because this is my souls mission! In her review of my life lessons, I suddenly could see the greater purpose behind the recurrent struggles I had been experiencing all my life. Knowing it is all part of the grand design has opened my heart and mind to so many possibilities I did not see before. Her clarity, insight, compassion and skill are a gift you need to let yourself experience. Thank you Reggie!"

Tara Crawford Roth
Founder, New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Intuitive Coach

"Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching & Mentoring

If you are ready to step into and release your inner greatness into your life and the life of your business, you are ready for "Step Into Your Greatness" coaching.

"Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching and Mentoring Programs are designed to transform your thinking, you and your business from where you are now to the "something bigger" that is calling you.

These programs are founded on "The Ten Commandments of Greatness" and follow simple but powerful steps to assist you in this soul-satisfying transformation process. At the same time they are personalized and dynamically focused for you.

Your willingness to take responsibility for your life, your gifts and your success, and to open your heart and your mind are essential for your success.

VIP Coaching Package

You are a very important person and this package is designed for you. This is a private coaching program that includes an in-person VIP Day with Reggie, followed by six months of "Step Into Your Greatness" Tele Coaching.

The VIP Day: You are showered with personal and personalized attention for an entire day. The day is punctuated in the middle with a gourmet vegetarian lunch and ends with a celebration of you, your experience and progress from the time you decided to invest in yourself with VIP Coaching to the completion of the VIP Day.

During the day, you create the foundation for what you want to accomplish next.

We explore your Soul's Purpose, the key to fulfilling it and the spiritual foundation on which your life is designed through a hand analysis. You will explore and reconnect with YOU.

You leave with greater connection to and clarity about "the bigger place" that has been calling you, the Key Area of Focus and specific goals created by you for your six months of "Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching and a daily Greatness in Life & Leadership Practice Code.

You will be on your way to stepping into the "bigger place" and the "bigger you" in your life and your business with grace and ease.

"Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching

With the life aligning information of your Soul's Purpose exploration, your key area of focus and specific goals you will continue the process of transformation and manifesting "the bigger place" that is calling you. We will meet by phone three times each month - with assignments in between - for six months to accomplish this.

Together, we work with a unique to you choreography of universal laws and success priciples, energetic shifts and attunements, belief changing and fear crushing. We also work with intuition, deep listening, embodiment, mindfulness, visioning, focusing, goal setting and authentic and inspired actions.

"Open your heart, change your mind and you will change your life."

Your ability to move forward, your joy, success and fulfillment ultimately lie in how you think. You will experience shifts in the way you think and the misbeliefs that compel you, transforming your mindset - consciousness - to a real success and possibility consciousness. And you will see this showing up as "you," and in your life and business.

Note: The VIP Day and "Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching can each be purchased singly. Adjustments in the programs will be made accordingly.

Are You Ready!

Email me at reggie@reggieodom if you are interested in the VIP Coaching Package, the VIP Day or "Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching. Tell me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Your life is literally in your hands. Your Soul's Purpose and other powerful life aligning and life changing information lie in your fingertips and in the palms of your hands.

Your Soul's Purpose is the area of your greatest potential and fulfillment. Discovering your soul's purpose is like a cosmic wake up to who you are, what you are meant to do and the impact your are meant to have. It is the raison d'etre of your Soul, your Life Assignment.

Hearing your soul's purpose is a huge validation for most women. Claiming it can spark a significant transformation in all areas of your life and the way you do business.

With a purpose centered business, you know what to focus on. Decisions are clear and passion guides your way. Being in alignment with yourself and the Universe, ease and grace are companions on your journey of soul satisfying success.

Hand Analysis is scientifically based upon tens of thousands of studies. It is being used around the world by doctors, therapists, coaches and other professionals to enhance the lives of their clients.

A Hand Analysis is a component of all our coaching & mentoring programs. However, you can purchase only the Hand Analysis.

I have intentionally kept the price at a low cost to allow more people to receive this invaluable information and engage in this life changing experience

Cost: $497

Click here to purchase your Hand Analysis. When we receive your payment someone will contact you with all the information you need to schedule and complete your analysis.

Your Hand Analysis is conducted over the phone and recorded so that you have this information at your fingertips.

Clients In These Programs Have Experienced:

* Transformations in how they see themselves and what's possible for them.
* Significant increases in income.
* A compelling vision
* Attracting clients who are aligned with their highest vision.
* Increased ability to consciously manifest.
* Activate intuition and direct knowing.
* Deeper trust in themselves.
* Living on purpose
* Improved health (yes, that's right)
* Doing what matters most to them
* Becoming business leaders
* Grace
* And plenty more...

"There is no better time than now to Step Into Your Greatness!"

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