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"I'm a pretty self-sufficient, self-guided person though my answers have often been hidden within excuses and old beliefs, which were frustrating and paralyzing. Reggie helped me see through all the rhetoric and pointed me towards my heart's desire, using a combination of what's written on my own hands and her extraordinary gift of divining the truth. I never would have had the courage to dub myself an "artisan" without Reggie's unique support. Thank you from the bottom of my artsy heart, Reggie."

Christine Pepper
Wong Artisan of Silly Art

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Article Archives

August 2011

"Three Authentic Voices: Three Keys to Authentic Success"

"Are You Dancing in Your Business?"

July 2011

"Slow Down, Listen to The Call and be Amazed at What's Been There All Along"

"The Ten Commandments of Greatness™"

June 2011

"3 Keys To Create a Business Vision That Pulls You Forward"

May 2011

"The Key to Moving Through Your Fear of Standing Out?"

"Is it Time for a Tune Up?"

April 2011

"Connection - The First Order of Business..."

March 2011

"I Am So Greatful! The Greatness in Gratitude!"

"Is Money Spiritual?"

February 2011

""Resist Not" Your Greatness: 6 Simple Ways"

"How to Trust Yourself More and Empower Your Business"

January 2011

"Win an Oscar! Don't Let Assumptions Hold You Back"

December 2010

"The Power of Your Presence - Lessons with Ollie"

"Inspire Yourself to Greatness! The Key to Unlock That Door"

November 2010

"How’s Your Game? 4 Key Skills for Playing a Winning Game in Business and in Life"

"The Opportunity, and the Opportunity in the Lost Opportunity!"

October 2010

"The Power of YES - Part II"

"The Power of YES - Part I"

September 2010

"Own Your Power, Make What You Think About You a Priority?"

"What If You Were Queen?"

August 2010

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

"Chocolate Cake or Callings?"

July 2010

"How Much Is FR*EE Costing You? How to Get Real Value Out of a FR*EE Call"

"How to Stay Alive in Your Business, and Your Life! 4 Powerful Ways"

June 2010

"Try the 30-Day Smile Challenge, and Change Your Life"

"The Ultimate Success Formula: It’s Simple and Powerful"

May 2010

"Who’s Responsible? The Secret to Personal Power & Conscious Creation"

"Your Money Story, Magnetic or True North?"

April 2010

"Give the Gift of Gratitude!"

"3 Simple Steps to Quickly Reverse the Rebound Effect of Success and Breakthrough to the Next Level"

February 2010

"Breaking Free From the Under-Earning Cycle"

"Your Role in a Powerful Spiritual Promise: Vignette From A New Business Owner"

February 2010

"What If You Did It Your Way? In 246 Words"

"Flaunt What You Most Want To Hide"

January 2010

"Are you a Creative Visionary?"

"3 Steps for Bringing Your Vision to Life..."

December 2009

"How Do We Inspire Ourselves to Greatness?"

"Do You Act on Your First Thought or Your Second Guess?"

November 2009

"Is What You've Been Holding Back Holding YOU Back?"

"The Power of Everyday Visioning!"

October 2009

"Desire, The Impulse of Life, The Promise of Purpose!"

September 2009

"Aliveness, the Key and the Secret"

"Go Slowly, Act Quickly"

"Take Time to Align..."

August 2009

"What Do You Expect? Wisdom Steps to Unleash Your Desires"

"Make Your Decisions Quickly"

July 2009

"Beyond "The Wall" - The Decision That Leads to Breakthrough"

"Unleash Your Desires...from here to reality"

June 2009

"Weeds in Your Garden? Instructions for a Thriving and Powerful Mind Garden"

"Are you Answering the Call?"

May 2009


"No Other Way: Only Good Can Come From This"

April 2009

"5 Keys to 'Real Success:' From the Heart of a Spiritually Based Entrepreneur"

March 2009

"Are You the See-er or the Seen? Discover the Key to Joyful Service"

February 2009

"Consider Beauty"

"Say Yes... To That Within You Which Continues to Insist on Being"

January 2009

"Is There Soul in Your Goals? Set Goals That Compel You"

December 2008

"Go To The Source: Are You Looking for Prosperity in the Right Places?"

"Why Not Try Magic? The Magic of Repetition"

November 2008

"Practice Gratitude: The Gift That Keeps on Giving"

October 2008

"Lessons on the Run: Your Experience May Not Be What Your Think"

September 2008

"Trust Your Great Ideas! Trust Yourself"

"Are Things Working Out for You? Three Simple and Life Changing Keys for Success with Ease"

August 2008

"Resist Not Success. Create Space for Desire"

"Are You Resisting Success? The Key to Moving Beyond Resistance"

July 2008

"Listen...Is Spiritual Geography Calling You?"

June 2008

"Love or Success? Success or Love?"

"Stay Fit For Life: Take a Daily Trust Walk"

May 2008

"A Fearless Note for Big Shots Who Are Tired of Playing Small"

April 2008

"100% Is Easier: The Lessons of Raw"

"Decide In Favor Of Your Greatness"

March 2008

"Fear Getting in the Way? Try a Passion Prescription"

February 2008

"Is It A "Should" or A "WOW"?"

"Step Into Your Greatness..."

January 2008

"Selling is Not Natural - Sell with Soul Instead"

"The Auspicious New Year"

December 2007

"Refresh Yourself and Your Business - the Creative Intermission"

November 2007

"Go the Distance in your Business: The LSD Approach"

October 2007

"How to Have a Successful Business Retreat at Home"

"TAKE MY BREATH AWAY - What Is the Bold Action That Will Move You Forward?"

September 2007

"Are You a Victim of the "Wind-Up Toy Syndrome?" How to Free Yourself"

August 2007

"The Twelve Second Mind, Body and Business Refresher"

July 2007

"Are You Psychic? Use Your Most Important Life and Business Skill"

June 2007

"Once Upon a Time - The Princess, the Queen and She (Part II)"

May 2007

"Once Upon a Time - The Princess, the Queen and She (Part I)"

"Once Upon a Time - Style It and Profile It"

April 2007

"Decisions, Decisions . . . The Power of Having a Passionate Purpose"

March 2007

"Would You Believe...?"

February 2007

"The Dance of Romance"

January 2007

"Ring Out the Old, Ring in the You - Resolutions into Reality!"

December 2006

"What's Love Got To Do With It?"

November 2006

"Gift the Gift of Gratitude!?"

October 2006

"Wake Up and Live Your Passions!"

September 2006

"What's in a dream? Wake Up to Yours and Find Out?"

August 2006

"Dare to Follow Your Bliss"

July 2006

"Use Your Imagination and Let Inspiration do its Work"

June 2006

"Letting Go"

April 2006

"Do You Know Who You Really Are?"

March 2006

"Do you know what your Purpose is?"

February 2006

"Do You Know Where Your Resolutions Are?"

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