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"Coaching with Reggie is quite possibly the single best decision I've made in a decade. Reggie is truly profound! Her 'Step into Your Greatness' coaching program has been a life-changing experience.

I was at my wits end after 5 years of trying to get my business off the ground and running financially. I wanted so much to step into the greatness I knew was inside me.

My life hasn't been the same from the moment I gifted myself with saying 'YES' to coaching with Reggie. Within weeks my income dramatically increased and continues increasing after 18 months.

My business is flourishing. Projects are growing in size, clients are enthusiastic and loving our creations and our crews are highly talented and motivated!

I am continually excited by our coaching process - It's amazing how we talk about something and it happens.

Time and again, I am surprised by what emerges from within me, often with a deep, even profound realization of Who I Am.

I honestly don't know how I lived and ran a business before coaching with Reggie."

Elsa Lucan, Landscape Designer/Contractor and Artist

The time is now! If you know in your heart that there is something bigger for you, don't wait!

My name is Reggie Odom. I am a transformation and leadership coach and mentor. My mission - and my passion - is to inspire, empower and call forth greatness.

I love working with women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists, healers and speakers who are finally ready to:

* Move beyond what holds you back,
* Own your real power and
* Take a stand for a life and work that is worthy of you.

If this is you, deep down inside you know that you are here for something big, that is also bigger than you. You are ready to connect with and clarify what that is. You are ready to step into this bigger place and the bigger you.

"Step Into Your Greatness" Coaching & Mentoring Programs are designed to transform your thinking, you and your business from where you are now to the "something bigger" that is calling you.

"Step Into Your Greatness" is a life changing spiritual invitation and imperative. And it is a transformational process. It is a call to the dance of your deepest connection and bringing that forward into your life, into the life of your business and into the larger world.

The decision to say "Yes" to your greatness is the most important decision you will ever make.

Imagine thriving in your life and your business as you live and do business from your deepest truth and authenticity, tap into your real power, have spirit at the center of your life and your business, fully express your unique gifts in the world and are compelled by a vision that is bigger than you.

Saying "Yes" is stepping over the threshold beyond playing small and closing the door behind you.

A decision is all it takes to step onto the path of your greatness.

Are You Ready?

"The Ten Commandments of Greatness"
Privacy: we never rent, trade or sell your email.

You can begin right now by downloading "The Ten Commandments of Greatness." It is a gift. This inspired document is a blueprint for releasing your inner greatness and transforming the way you live and the way you do business.

The Ten Commandments of Greatness is also the foundation for "Step Into Your Greatness" coaching and programs. Enter here for more in depth and transformational coaching programs.

It is my honor and deep pleasure to assist you in becoming more of who you already are - in releasing your inner greatness and making the difference in your life and in the world that only you can make.

Love and greatness,
Reggie Odom

Reggie Odom

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